Mold Removal Process Toronto

The majority of home insurance policies cover our Toronto Mold Removal services, but we also provide affordable rates for uninsured claims. Call us right away to schedule an on-site mold inspection so we can determine the degree of your mold problem and provide you a quote. We have over 20 years of experience as an IICRC-certified mold removal and cleanup firm. Mold will develop when there is a moisture problem in a location. Mold is most likely to grow when there are water leaks, wet spots, or pools of water. Mold problems will frequently start to appear after a basement flood or other water damage in a location. The mold removal team at GTA Restoration can assist in resolving this problem and eliminating all mold growth. Our mold remediation procedure will also guarantee that the mold will not come back. To assist you in avoiding and resolving any potential mold issues before they become too serious, we also offer moisture and water leak detection.

Mold Removal Process Toronto
Mold Removal Process Toronto


The elimination of the increasing mold spores from the area is a phase in the mold remediation process. After cleaning, additional preventative steps must be taken to guarantee that mold development will not happen again. The building will undergo a thorough inspection, complete mold development control, air filtration, mold removal, and any professional system treatments that may be required. The excessive mold levels in your commercial property are eliminated with this method. Action is taken to prevent it from occurring again in Toronto after the underlying cause has been identified.


We will begin by inspecting your property. We will initially look for leaks in the ceilings, attic, walls surrounding the air ducts, space behind the cabinets, and walls. Starting mold cleanup must make more sense if there are still leaks. We check for mold in both houses and businesses. To fully comprehend the mold or fungus problem, our skilled mold inspector will evaluate critical indoor environmental factors. The mold inspection in Toronto uses cutting-edge equipment to detect moisture, mold formation, and the reason.

Any indications of roof leaks, plumbing leaks, flooding, stains, or musty odors will be closely examined throughout the inspection process. When thermal images from an inspection show damaged regions, moisture measurements are taken from the floors, walls, and ceilings nearby. To see often clouded-over areas, utilize an optical fiber scope.


Before doing a visual mold inspection to find problem areas, health risks, and legal concerns, our board-certified mold inspector will conduct a client interview. To look for potential microbial growth, unusual humidity levels, and water intrusion, the building will undergo a multi-point exterior examination. The inside inspection in Toronto includes checking for visible mold, measuring the humidity, taking the temperature, and inspecting your HVAC system.

Our Visual examination includes:

  • Meters for dampness
  • Thermography in infrared
  • Evaluations of ventilation and air flow
  • Defects in construction and design
  • Heating systems, insulation
  • Water leak or soil improvement issues can be assessed using salt analysis.


Any underlying issues that might have contributed to the formation of mold in specific areas must be addressed. You do not want the mold to return once it has been removed.


Mold is dangerous in Toronto and can have negative health effects. In order to prevent any deterioration discharged into the air from reaching your air ducts, we shall seal the area before we begin our job. After obtaining clearance to remove the mold, we will use HEPA filters, disinfectants made specifically for the purpose, and other specialized equipment to remove the mold from the air and surfaces of your home.


We employ second and third-party permissions after the mold has been removed to confirm that the mold levels in your property have been eliminated. To dry and clean the surfaces and the air in the area, our mold removal experts will use HEPA air scrubbers, vacuums, and blowers. Since mold spores can travel through the air, air purification is an essential part of mold remediation.


To identify whether a facility has a mold problem, mold testing is frequently performed.  Our two main techniques for assessing the success of mold remediation in Toronto are direct surface testing and air testing. The simplest method for detecting mold and determining the degree of mold contamination inside a facility is to test the air. This method will quantify the precise concentration of each main group of mold species in the air. We contrast the air quality indoors and outdoors in order to pinpoint the internal sources of mold.

A reading from an air test tells you how much indoor mold is present and how much naturally occurring mold is present outside. This aids in assessing the gravity of your mold problem. We do mold testing in Toronto at unbiased labs to produce objective results. Mold is a problem that plagues both homes and businesses in Toronto, so that you can better understand the risks to homeowners. We can test for mold to see if it is dangerous, pathogenic, or even more fatal, allergic. More advanced mold testing methods may be used during a mold test to detect the amount of mold in the air as well as to identify the species that are present.


Unfortunately, depending on how extensive the mold infestation is, certain items might not be recoverable. The damage may make it impossible to repair materials like wood and drywall. Being contractors, we are able to replace construction materials that have mold damage.


The primary reason mold removal specialists do not use bleach is that it can be more efficient. Instead, to get rid of any leftover mold and disinfect the area, our mold damage team will use an antibacterial chemical.


Once the moisture source has been located, it must be dried out or under control to stop further mold growth. To prevent future mold growth and materials losing structural integrity, the Toronto home must be totally dry before repainting and rebuilding the walls and flooring. If you require the services of a mold removal expert, take a look at us. To determine the precise types and concentrations of mold that may be impacting air quality, our experienced mold removal professional will do a full mold examination. They will combine visual examination techniques with moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to identify the origin and extent of the mold. Our expert will do a mold test in order to better understand the issue.


Mold can lead to a number of issues if left unchecked. Like

  • Serious wood damage.
  • Mold can release spores into the air of the building, increasing the possibility of inhalation.
  • The main source of contaminants for allergy sufferers.
  • The property’s overall structure has been harmed.
  • Decrease the property’s value

Mold growth is not permitted indoors. This can lead to health hazards, other issues, and even possible damage to building components. Mold issues in Toronto must be handled as soon as they are identified. Mold may cause the air supply in your property to become contaminated, which could affect the residents’ health. Whether or not individuals exposed exhibit symptoms, it would benefit if you moved promptly to begin a mold removal and cleanup process in order to avoid any negative impacts on your and your family’s health.

Residential & Commercial Home Inspection Property Inspection: GTA Restoration works with a variety of housing associations, builders, councils, commercial buildings, property managers, and property owners to identify flaws and other issues.



It might be difficult and unhealthy to remove a mold infestation on your own. Instead, give one of our knowledgeable professionals a call to schedule a full mold examination and treatment plan. Our professionals investigate the situation more thoroughly, establishing the extent of the spread and eliminating the moisture sources that are to blame. One of the numerous problems at hand is how to clean up a contaminated area. It is essential to deal with humidity concerns, get rid of mold, and seal off leaks in order to stop mold spores from clinging to fresh surfaces.

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When it comes to mold removal, mold remediation, or mold testing, our Toronto mold removal team at GTA Restoration is the industry leader a certified company that is prepared to assist you and has years of experience eliminating mold from all types of properties, including flooded homes, condominiums, buildings, and apartments.

To stop the spread of mold, We provides mold removal services, as well as cleaning and sanitization services, including mold odor removal, to return your home or place of business to its previous state. We offers the knowledge and tools necessary to handle the difficult task of removing mold, which may be quite dangerous. Our crew is completely qualified to manage and effectively eradicate all forms of black mold. To ensure that your health is not in danger, we use the most cutting-edge equipment available. To ensure that your house is free of any contaminated black mold, our professional team of technicians will also do a mold test.


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